Duplicating Global Marketing Tool

"Duplicating Global Marketing Tool"
(c) William Whetstone, Cash-Flow-Logic.com

Blogging has become THE BOMB, the ultimate marketing tool.

The cool thing is blogs are also one of the most vibrant affiliate marketing promo tools ever. (more than AdSense if you can believe it!)

Blogs are here to stay PERIOD . Everyone with a brain (and some without one) is blogging about something all the time. AFFILIATE MARKETERS should always approach blogs as affiliate monetization tools to make boatloads of cash.

Of the gazillions of bloggers out there, most aren't even 'blogging for commissions'. Most simply don’t know what they are doing, or are treading the 'dangerous' path by putting up 'spam blogs' that have no shelf lives.

Content Spam is the new scourge of our civilization so don't do it!

Why spend money on software when you can do it better yourself...for free... and you
won't get banned by Google either.

If you want an ever-growing profitable blog that is sustainable for the long-term, don't take risks - use the 'white hat' and correct approach.

Just follow 5 simple rules.

1. Choose A Tightly Targeted Niche

Make a list of topics that interest you, or something that you are an expert on.

With that list, go to http://7search.com/scripts/searchterms/top_paying.asp
to see what the highest paying keywords are. Do any of your topics match any of those keywords? If not, look at those keywords, and try to pick one that you can discuss.

Top paying keywords are mostly about gambling and prescription drugs. Forget about those topics. Find something that interests you.

Or go to Yahoo Search Marketing at http://www.overture.com Find high paying keywords, or to find out how popular the topics are.

2. Discover Affiliate Programs For Your Niche

List good paying and high converting affiliate programs in your niche.
SEARCH HERE: ClickBank Marketplace, AssociatePrograms.com, LinkShare.com, CJ.com etc.


Get a blog through a site such as http://www.blogger.com or http://www.wordpress.org.

Edit the templates for the blog to add in your affiliate marketing materials.

Use your main keyword for the niche you've selected IN the blogger blog domain.

Choose a name for your blog carefully. Avoid Vanity Blogs. Use your main keyword as it is in the title.

4. Post Keyword Content

Get content for your blog. A few good ones are:

- Free reprint articles (there're over 21,000+ internet marketing articles here)
- Private Label Products (here's a good collection)
- Writing your own

"Talk and write"

Relevant content and quality backlinks will do more for your SEO traffic than any 'software'.

Follow a fixed schedule of posting new content every two days when your blog is new.
Add in relevant affiliate recommendations within the content,.

5. Promote Blog For Traffic Stampede

This will get it ranked AND build a readership for your blog.

First thing to do is to submit your new blog into the main search engines and directories; link it to another indexed website; buy links, etc.
submit your blog.

Use your main keywords in both the title and description.

All the Best!


Welcome to the Secret Affiliate Weapon members' only database!

This is where I'll be posting MOST of my affiliate marketing tips, tactics and recommendations of HOT affiliate programs so make sure you read them fully.

You'll receive instant email notifications whenever new posts are up. You'll also receive emails about other updates that won't be on this blog so look out for them.

The first powerful tactic I've for you today is known as...

The "Affiliate Profit Base"!

This is so simple it's scary.

It's a very cool and profitable 'trick' to use for promoting ANY affiliate product.
I've no doubt it'll bring you a whole lot of additional sales for ALL the affiliate products you've ever promoted. Money you otherwise wouldn't have made at all.

Great Tracking method:

Choose a good domain name and very time you promote a new product you would use this url as the main domain with your affiliate link as a sub-directory.



You'll start receiving traffic to your main domain from direct visitors or search engines depending on how you promote your links.
All the Best!


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